VigRx Plus Review [2019]. Before and After Results Revealed

VigRx Plus is a natural organic remedy aimed at eliminating erectile dysfunction and any associated issues. Its active substances enhance the user’s potency, making his erections strong, stable and long-lasting.

The tablets improve your erections and give the man’s libido a considerable boost. In addition, the product has a favorable effect on sperm production and increases the number of active (“live”) spermatozoa in the seminal fluid.

Let’s outline the range of distinctive characteristics of the VigRx Plus nutritional supplement that evoke consumer confidence.

Brief Vigrx Plus Facts:

Rank: #1
Forum reviews:
10 000+
Approved by:
Dr. Dave David (M.D. and Surgeon)
Ingredients: 100% herbal;
Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health(USA);
Prices: 1 month supply – $69, 2 month $129(save $50), 3 month – $179(save $90), 6 month – $329(save $210), 12 month – $589(save $490). Click here to buy
Year on the market: 17
# of bottles sold: 1 200 000
Benefits: 74% increase in sexual satisfaction, a 58% increase in the ability to penetrate partner, a 62% increase in erection quality, a 47% improvement in overall sex drive
First/Max results: 7 / 360 days
Money back: 67-day
Official site:

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VigRx Plus Benefits Reviewed


  • An effective and safe product; its quality has been proven by a multitude of laboratory and clinical tests;
  • VigRx Plus patented active formula is confirmed by the corresponding certificates;
  • There are thousands of VigRx Plus reviews published by satisfied customers on the manufacturers’ official website, thematic forums, and blogs.

VigRx Plus Before and After Results

Below is a summarized list of the benefits and VigRx Plus reviews the user experiences during the course of treatment:

  • Stronger and more stable erections;
  • The remedy prolongs intercourse by 10-15 times;
  • Enhanced potency and amplified sensitivity of the glans penis;
  • Bright and emotionally saturated orgasms;
  • A libido boost;
  • The man’s body is filled with sexual vigor and energy, which enhances his sexual endurance;
  • The remedy prevents the issue of premature ejaculation;
  • Enhanced production of seminal fluid and improved quality of sperm.
  • Permanent penis enlargement by 1-3 inches

Does VigRx Really Work?

The unique active formula of VigRx Plus was developed by a group of qualified medical experts. Their extensive experience in the field enabled them to create an effective and safe remedy that consists of nothing but natural herbal components.

Quick note
The product’s primary effect is aimed at fully eradicating all symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

The active substances improve blood flow to the penis, which results in enhanced potency and stronger erections. Natural aphrodisiacs provide a libido boost and amplify endurance and sexual vigor.

In addition to effectively eliminating all sexual disorders, VigRx Plus has a positive effect on the nervous system, boosting its stress resistance. In turn, this contributes to the man’s pleasure and relaxation during intercourse.

Where to Buy VigRx Plus

Even though the nutritional supplement delivers its first positive effect on the male body in two months, the VigRx Plus course should last no less than 12 months if your goal is to obtain the maximum result.

A longer duration of treatment ensures higher effectiveness of the active components and allows them to achieve a long-lasting effect. After you complete a full course, the result of the treatment will preserve for a period of 12-24 months.

The second advantage of ordering a full 12-month course is the opportunity to save $589. If you choose to replenish your stock of tablets monthly, you will be overpaying approximately 15% of their cost.

In addition, it’s much more cost-effective to pay for the delivery once instead of doing it a dozen times. Click here to order the VigRx Plus.

Here are the VigRx Plus prices:


VigRx Plus Active Ingredients

Below is a list of the active ingredients in the composition of VigRx Plus:

  • Epimedium enhances blood flow in the genital organs, improving the quality of erections and sexual endurance;
  • Horny Goat Weed loads the male body with sexual vigor and energy, boosting the user’s libido. As a result, the man gets to enjoy strong erections and unsurpassed orgasms;
  • Damiana is an aphrodisiac used since ancient times. It stirs up all the sexual functions of the male body and ensures you enjoy the most vivid sensations during intercourse followed by an enchanting orgasm;
  • Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow to the male genitalia and promotes the production of testosterone. Has a favorable effect on the nervous system, boosts stress resistance and prevents nervous breakdowns;
  • Red Korean Ginseng has an enhancing effect on sexual functioning and brain activity. Stirs up blood circulation in the penis, making the man’s erections stronger and longer-lasting;
  • Serenoa Repens is effective at normalizing the functioning of the prostate and the male reproductive system in general. The ingredient ensures a boost to the man’s sexual vigor and libido, incites the production of seminal fluid and improves its quality. As a result, the user ejaculates larger amounts of semen;
  • Muira Puama is an effective stimulant of sexual strength and endurance;
  • Catuaba promotes rapid arousal, enhances erections and helps achieve unsurpassable orgasms;
  • Black pepper seeds are the ingredient that strengthens the effect of other active substances.

VigRx Plus Pills Recommendations

VigRx Plus is an effective product that alleviates a variety of sexual disorders. Let’s outline what makes it reasonable for every sexually mature man to buy and use the VigRx Plus supplement:

  • Purchasing the product on the manufacturer’s official website, the consumer has the opportunity to obtain a good discount and save a substantial portion of his budget;
  • The manufacturer’s website offers the 100% original product; its quality and safety are confirmed by the relevant documents;
  • Guaranteed high quality, effectiveness, and safety;
  • The effectiveness and safety of the biologically active supplement VigRx Plus have been proven in numerous laboratory and clinical tests;
  • The product has a comprehensive beneficial effect not only on the sexual functioning of the male body. The active components in its composition have a normalizing impact on all organs and systems;
  • Rapid action: two months of regular use will be enough to achieve a positive result;
  • Thanks to the negligible number of contraindications, the product’s circle of consumers are very broad. There are very few categories of men who should not take the supplement: minors and elderly people, as well as individuals suffering from mental disorders;
  • If you take the remedy in full accordance with the instructions, you will experience zero negative side effects.

What Makes VigRx Plus Better Viagra?

First of all, VigRx Plus is a product based on natural ingredients; it contains no synthetic components. The pharmaceutical preparations, such as Levitra, Cialis or Viagra, are chemical pills consisting of potentially harmful non-organic components.

While this supplement causes no negative side reactions, Levitra, Cialis and Viagra can entail a variety of diseases and disorders in all organs and systems of the male body.

Pharmacological tablets can cause addiction in the long term. Your sexual system will no longer be able to function without the artificial boost. It turns out that the effect of such pills is aimed at concealing the issue rather than eliminating it.

On the other hand, the VigRx Plus supplement does not simply mask the disorder. It eradicates the problem in a safe way, through the combined positive effects of its natural herbal components.

VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Results

Did you know?
Provided that you take the VigRx Plus supplement in full accordance with the instructions, negative side effects are extremely unlikely to occur.

In the worst-case scenario, the man may experience a headache, mild dizziness, nausea, and abdominal pain. On the other hand, a course of treatment with popular pharmaceuticals may have more adverse consequences:

  • On the part of the immune system: allergic reactions, itching, skin irritation, etc.;
  • Impairments of the vision;
  • Impairments of the auditory organs;
  • Tachycardia, hypo- or hypertension, myocardial infarction, vascular thrombosis, etc.;
  • Dysfunctions of the lymphatic system;
  • Failures of the respiratory system: laryngitis, pharyngitis, asthma, etc.;
  • Various disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Cystitis, edema of the genitals, erectile dysfunction, etc.


VigRx Plus Reviews (Testimonials)

The VigRx Plus pills have helped hundreds of thousands of men around the world to overcome a variety of sexual disorders. You can find customers’ reviews on forums, where people share their success.

On thematic forums and popular blogs, you can find a multitude of positive comments regarding the VigRx Plus product and before and after results. Having analyzed all the consumer reviews, we can subdivide them into several categories:

The majority of men claim that their sexual lives changed for the better drastically after they started taking the VigRx Plus biologically active supplement
Weak erections and premature ejaculation became issues of the past. The users began to feel confident in their sexual capabilities. They noticed a surge in sexual endurance; their everyday lives were filled with energy and vigor. The average duration of intercourse was prolonged by 10-12 times. Each sexual act culminated in an unrivaled orgasm.
In addition to all the above positive aspects, the second category of users mentions improved sperm production.
The volume of semen released during ejaculation increased by 2-3 times. Moreover, some men claim that sperm quality also changed for the better.

After a full 12-month course of treatment, those who had been suffering from reproductive disorders managed to achieve the desired results and conceive a child. Consequently, the product not only enhances the volume of seminal fluid but also multiplies the number of “live” spermatozoa.

The volume of semen released during ejaculation increased by 2-3 times. Moreover, some men claim that sperm quality also changed for the better. After a full 12-month course of treatment, those who had been suffering from reproductive disorders managed to achieve the desired results and conceive a child. Consequently, the product not only enhances the volume of seminal fluid but also multiplies the number of “live” spermatozoa.

Consumers in the third category claim that the product made their sexual desire flare up and delivered a significant boost in terms of sexual stamina.
Consumers in the third category claim that the product made their sexual desire flare up and delivered a significant boost in terms of sexual stamina. Those who had previously been suffering from regular stresses and depressive conditions were able to take a grip on themselves. This is due to the fact that some of the product’s components are aimed at normalizing the functioning of the nervous system.
The last group of consumers of the VigRx Plus nutritional supplement failed to experience any positive effects.
We managed to contact some of the commenters to try and find out why the remedy hadn’t helped them. From their explanations, it became clear they had not undergone a full course of treatment or had regularly forgotten to take the tablets. As a result, they had failed to achieve a favorable result.

So, if you consider yourself a healthy and sexually mature man but regularly experience bedroom fiascos, you are most likely experiencing a negative manifestation of erectile dysfunction.

No need to rush to the clinic where a doctor will most certainly prescribe you some chemical, inorganic tablets. Such pharmaceutical products can cause a range of negative side effects and disrupt the functioning of all organs and systems of your body.

Final Thoughts

VigRx Plus is a safe male enhancement pill that takes effect through the combined action of its natural active ingredients according to customer reviews and before and after results. If you thoroughly examine the composition of this nutritional supplement, you will see no synthetic substances.

Medical Facts
The effectiveness and safety of the remedy have been repeatedly tested and confirmed, which is evidenced by the corresponding quality certificates.

The product’s affordable price, ease of use and the negligible number of contraindications have ensured the high popularity of the VigRx Plus nutritional supplement among consumers all over the world. The remedy can be delivered to any region of the globe.

Thanks to this biological product, sexual disorders apparent through weak erections and diminished potency will no longer bother you. A full course of treatment with VigRx Plus pills will eliminate all symptoms of erectile dysfunction.